Arizona Home Buyer Information

Phoenix Home Buyers:

If you have been considering the purchase of a home in Phoenix but do not have the FHA required 3.5% down payment minimum the Arizona Home Buyer Solutions Program allows you as the Phoenix homebuyer to receive up to 2.5% of homes purchase price in the form of gift money. These proceeds could be a gift from family members, a loan from a family member or your own personal funds. The Phoenix Real Estate Market does not stand a chance with this new program. It is perfect for homebuyers who fall into the low income bracket…now you can own a home in Phoenix for as little as 1% down.

Breakdown of The Arizona Homebuyer Solutions Program:

  • Program provides up to a 2.5% gift to homebuyers utilizing an Arizona FHA mortgage
  • Total downpayment requirements as low as 1% of purchase price
  • Seller can contribute up to 6% towards buyers closing costs (covering all dues on purchase)
  • Take into consideration the Competitive Interest Rates
  • Not just for first-time home buyers


Almost any HUD Approved Phoenix Home qualifies for this Arizona Homebuyer Solutions Program

  • 1 to 4 Family Homes
  • Approved Phoenix Condominium Projects (no conversions)
  • Home must be owner occupied for this program

The Arizona Home Buyer Solutions Program is available statewide in AZ to qualified homebuyers

The first step to a successful Phoenix Home Purchase is to get your financing in place.

Experienced Arizona homebuyers know that one of the first-steps to a successful Phoenix home search is:  to take a hard, objective look at personal finances. Determining how much money you can dedicate to the purchase of your AZ Dream Home affects almost every aspect of the purchase – including how to structure and write a purchase offer, which Arizona Mortgage Program you will qualify for, shopping for the best AZ Mortgage Loan and of course which Arizona Home For Sale is truly in your price range.